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    Eco Friendly Packaging and ShoppingIt is a little know fact that using plastic bags are certainly not always the worst choice when it comes to the environment. Some people believe using paper bags is better for that natural environment than plastic bags. This however is not necessarily true, the truth is it some research indicates that using paper bags are worse than using plastic bags to take home your shopping. Of course this can be a subject which can be endlessly debated, but usually paper bag uses, four times more energy, and produces 70% more air pollutants and 50 times more water pollutants than plastic bags to produce.Bearing this at heart exactly what is the best choices, to take your shopping home, and the best choices to make to relieve the volume of unnecessary packaging you take home with you.1). Carry your own personal shopping bags along with you, these could be manufactured from cloth, string or another reusable resilient bags. Ideally they must durable enough to last for approximately 36 months.2) Often the store could have a good amount of spare cardboard boxes left once their goods happen to be stacked on shelves. Look out for these within your local supermarket. They are often helpfully stacked near by the take a look at tills. If you can’t go to whichever then ask a part of staff they might have some within their store rooms you should use.3) Choose concentrated produces e. g, washing liquids and clothes softeners, dilute these at home. The bottles is going to be much smaller leaving you with less to get rid of once the contents are already worn-out.4). Buy products in returnable and refillable containers. Some products have refill packs and that means you only have to buy the main container once.5) Avoid packages which contain mixed materials as these are far too difficult or harmful for recycle.6) Buy foods and drinks in containers you are sure that could be recycled e. g, glass bottles.7) If you must use a supermarket bag then chose the plastic over heavy paper bags.8) If possible use local shops like butchers and grocers. They will supply you with the goods you require without all the unnecessary packaging.Following these simple tips will assist you to make certain you lead your life within an eco-friendly way. By greatly reducing the amount of packaging you’ll want to discard into land fill.