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    Automatic flap disc machine
    Flap disc making machine suppliers, the whole set machines, raw materials and technology service.
    Q: What machines do we need to produce flap disc?
    R: 1. Abrasive cloth slitting machine
    2. Flap disc making machine
    3. Oven
    4. Flap disc labeling and packing machine
    Q: What is the raw material for producing flap disc?
    R: 1. Abrasive cloth roll
    2. Backing
    3. One-component glue
    Q: What technology is needed to produce flap disc?
    R: No, you needn’t, the machine will help you complete all things.
    Q: Is the machine easy to maintain?
    R: Of course, you only need to replace the wearing parts. We suggest that you can study in our factory for a week.
    Q: What kind of motor does the machine use?
    R: The motor used by the machine is Panasonic motor from japan.
    Q: Does the machine need to use gas?
    R: Yes, The pressure needs to be stable at 0.6Mpa-0.7Mpa.
    Q: If the machine out of the question how to do?
    R: Pick up your cellphone and contact us. Anytime, we will reply to you within 12 hours.
    Q: Uh … I think about other issues.
    R: Ok, any questions, please contact us.
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