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    In most states in America, divorce is easy and legal. Usually, it?s just a matter of running through the formality ? filing, hearing and decree. Finding New Jersey Divorce Records and the like is not difficult either so long as you?re armed with the right resources. Today, searching for this information is a breeze if you know where and how to begin.New Jersey is a state located in the Northeastern and Middle Atlantic regions of the United States. As of the 2010 US Census, it consists of more than 8 million populace. Indeed, it is one of the most densely populated place in America and is also considered the second wealthiest according to the recent survey.In this region, essential public records are maintained by the State Department of Health and Senior Services of the Bureau of Vital Statistics. This agency is situated in Trenton, New Jersey. For each copy of the file requested, a certain fee is due which can be paid via check, money order or personal checks to the same office mentioned above. Current charges can be verified by contacting the department via phone or online.Accounts for dissolutions of marriages that took place within the years 1900-1989 can be acquired from the Clerk of the Superior Court. A $10 fee is required for a certified Blue Seal copy, payable by check or money order to the Clerk of the Superior Court of New Jersey, Public Information Center. On the other hand, files that are dated since 1989 to the current time can be obtained from the County Court where the divorce decree was issued.A great deal of information can be derived from this piece of document. At a basic level, it shows the personal particulars of the separating parties such as their full names, age, address and so forth. It also discloses data regarding their children, parents and other important matters like asset division, financial settlement, alimony and child support, custody and visitation, as well as the cause of the separation.The easiest way in to Divorce Records is now available through the Internet. A couple of commercial record providers have come into the picture with a bang. By paying a small fee for the service, you?ll receive search results with high professional standards in a matter of minutes only. The online search method of some private providers is distinct since it makes multi-state search rather easy through its databases that are consolidated at national level. In general, this method is far better, faster and convenient.